Climate Emergency

Climate Action Meeting

The Parish Council in conjunction with Greening Mickleton have now agreed their joint Opportunities and  Action Plans  . The next meeting to discuss progress on Climate Action will take place via Zoom on Wednesday February 10th 2021 at 7.30 p.m.

This is a great opportunity for all the Community to get involved, to input their ideas and to support initiatives they have an interest in.

For access to the zoom meeting please e mail with your name and e-mail address

We need your help

Mickleton Parish Council are in the process of developing the villages climate emergency strategy and are working towards identifying and agreeing opportunities and an action plan for 2021.

The following is an outline of the plan which aims to consider the:

  • Cotswold District District’s Ecological Emergency Action Plan
  • views of the local Community including the Greening Group
  • Budgetary constraints for 2021 as a result of the impact of the pandemic
  • need to gain community support to deliver any initiatives and to develop realistic achievable goals to further engage the community in future programmes

Climate Emergency Declaration Statement

Mickleton Parish Council recognises that there is a state of Climate Emergency. 

Action is required by everyone to mitigate the impact of Climate Change on our Community, our Country and our Planet. Climate Change represents a threat to the life opportunities and well-being of future generations, and needs to be addressed at all levels of government. 


Mickleton Parish Council pledges to take local action to contribute to National Carbon Neutral targets by the development of our own practices and policies. 

The Mickleton Parish Council also recognises that addressing the challenges of Climate Change will result in many benefits in terms of health, wellbeing, and community resilience.

As a council we have a leading role to play in addressing the climate emergency. However, we cannot deliver these outcomes alone.

We will need support from all of our residents who have an important role to play in making change happen. 

Identified Opportunities

Initially the Mickleton Parish Council will work in conjunction with local groups and societies on initiatives to:-

  • Educate and inform residents through the Mickleton Parish Council website
  • Develop a Tree Planting Programme on identified sites in the village of Mickleton
  • To reduce the consumption of treated water by encouraging rain water collection throughout Mickleton 
  • Work to include Mickleton Youth in developing the identified initiatives
  • Investigate opportunities to remove use of plastic carrier bags in Mickleton
  • Research opportunities to create a “Men in Sheds” facility in Mickleton
  • Identify locations for public electrical charging points in Mickleton
  • Identify grant and funding resources available to support these initiatives

Action Plan

  • Hold Zoom meeting with residents
  • Liase with other Environmental Groups in Mickleton to ensure no duplication of effort
  • Appraise residents’ input and suggestions
  • Prioritise identified initiatives
  • Allocate resources
  • Establish timing programmes